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Kingsley Ngumuya

Their name has appeared in the mainstream media, they have had people discussing them both in UK and Malawi and the social media has seen updates and flyers all talking about Malawi Machester Association. But who are they? What do they stand for? And what is their connection with Manchester?

Cham the blogger caught up with one member of the group for an exclusive interview. He is Kingsley Ngumuya , who happens to be the Publicity Secretary of the group

Mr Ngumuya, as the publicist of the group, tell us what is Malawi Manchester Association all about?

Malawi Manchester Association (MMA)is the grouping of malawians in diaspora and currently living in Greater Manchester area. We decided to come together and form the association with the aim of achieving four main objectives
We are aimed at getting Malawians together for social events. We aim at helping each other in times of need, and that includes sicknesses and funerals. We aim at getting involved in charity activities to raise money to help situations in Malawi such as disasters and education. Lastly MMA will be a resource center to promote Malawi and our culture to people of other nationalities.

 So who are the people that are making the association? Is everyone free to join?

 The Association is open to every Malawian living in Greater Manchester area and their families. So far , on our initial formation, an executive commitee was formed which will run office for 18 months. Its is being headed by Charles leyman Kachitsa, with Rita Salika as the vice. The rest of the executive are: Madalitso Phoya is the secretary general with Andrew Chimenya as vice, Chalo Mvula is vice publicity secretary. Treaurer general Saidi  Lumanza Phiri seconded by Winston upile Mponda. Organising secretary is Harris Kabvina, seconded by Sharon Malunga, Welfare officer and Head of womens desk is Lynda Khembo Nwosu with Tamanda Chisambo as her vice. We also have executive members who are Ike Nwosu, Grace Msowoya and Emily Saiwala. As you can see its a great team so far.

Part of the MMA executive

Part of the MMA executive

 So if a person want to know more about your association and what you are offering, what can they do?

 We are pleased to inform people out there that we are actually having our official launch. So, for anybody interested to know what this association stand for is welcome to come and be part of us on the launch. We are having the big launch on Saturday 27th April and the venue is Cedar Mount High School, 50 wembley road, Gorton. Manchester M18 7TD. Everything will start at 5pm until 10pm.

 Well, that sounds like abig thing. Anything else interesting on the menu for the day?

Ha ha ha! MMA has arranged this event for Malawians to get excited. There will be performances by malawians. There will be free food and drinks. And please dont forger entrance to the event is free.
We are privileged in that the launching event will be attended by some special guests. We have the MP for the area sir gerald kaufman coming. We have the lord mayor for the city of manchester coming and we also have the malawi high commissioner to UK His Execellency Mr Ben Sande coming. It doesn’t get any better than this

 Looks like its a day not to be missed?

I can assure you it will be a great day for all. The executive committee will be introduced. We have also come up with the name of our trustees. They will be unveiled on the day although I can be happy to inform you that they are great men and women in society. We have dr michael banda, dave armstrong, Joyce Chiona, Adamson Machinjili, Pastor Derrick Chunda, Christina Malinyu and Keith Banda.

 Wishing you the best for your association and also your launching..any last word.

 My last word is to urge Malawians in Manchester to come and join us. Its their association and we are better off starting the journey together. There is alot we can accomplish by working together…to make it simple and straight forward ” together we can”


*****Kingsley Ngumuya was speaking exclusively in his role as the Publicity Secretary of MMA.******