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It is said that Valentine day is a day much awaited for those in love and a day much dreaded by singles. The hype that surrounds the day is so much that some single people become depressed about not having a partner. Not only are they depressed but the sense of seeing friends being showered with gifts, buying gifts for their loved ones makes them hate the whole thing about valentines day altogether.

However, it should be understood that Valentines day is actually meant to celebrate love. Single people must keep in mind that the day is not just celebrated by romantically involved couples. It is meant to be celebrated by expressing love to anyone we are close to. This means, one can celebrate valentine day with friends, parents or anyone who made a difference to their lives. Valentine day could be an opportunity to express love and gratitude to the people we love.

We understand that, in some circumstances others struggle to find who their Valentine will be and how they can spend the day. A few tips below may help those lonely hearts in deciding what to do to make the day exciting.

Spend time with friends

Plan a dinner out or movie with best friends. However, others may find this difficult as most of their friends will either have gone somewhere already with their loved ones. What about  throwing a “Singles Party or Un valentine day party” at your house. You will be amazed how many people will join you.

Good deeds

Single people can choose to spend valentine by spending time with the needy. Ideas like visiting the hospitalised, orphans or any other person who are always in need of love and affection may help. There can be no better valentine for a single person that this.


Of course in as much as single people may celebrate Valentine, it should also act as a day to put your mind together and reflect. Try to figure if you are ready to go into relationships or work out the problems that have made you to be single at this time. Good planning always works.

Think Positive

At the end of day, the entire buzz about Valentine day is only for one day; lift up your spirits by believing that one day things will get better. It is not a crime to be single and not everyone who is in relationship is having a good time, statistics may even reveal that most of them wish they were single. That’s why the focus on this day should not be about your singleton but focus on expressing love to any loved one.

How to improve your relationship

As Valentine day is just around the corner, this blog felt the need to drop something that can help the love lives of any couples that may be experiencing some strains in their relationships. It is said that when things are not going well in a romantic relationship, it can really help if both partners try to understand why. According to Psychotherapist C.Webber If you are in a relationship that’s in trouble, it is better to ask yourself the following questions.

• What do you each want out of the relationship? Are you getting it?
• Are you about to leave your partner? Or do you still enjoy your life together?
• Are you ready to sacrifice time and energy to make your relationship work again?
• Do you still love each other?

Your answers to these questions will help you pinpoint the extent of the problem and your expectations for change. While every couple is different, below are some common causes of relationship difficulties and ways to tackle. However, its unlikely things will improve if both partners aren’t prepared to work through the issues.

Stop the blame game
When things are going badly, couples tend to ask who is at fault and which of them is to blame. Neither of these questions is helpful. It’s better by far for both partners to accept that they share joint responsibility for the relationship, and to agree that when they are having problems they should work at them together.
It is advised that if couples want to improve their relationships, they should ban the phrase: ‘The trouble with you is …’ This is good advice!

Find time to work on your relationship
In today’s busy, modern world, you need to find time for each other. This is not easy if you both have hectic careers, and becomes even more difficult when you have children.
But if you have established a will to make things better, then you need to look at your joint schedules and find time when you can be together. If you don’t find time, improvement will be slow or non-existent.

Change the way you communicate
Frequently, couples stop making an effort with each other. They may insult each other or take each other for granted.
Suppose the door bell rings. One partner may yell at the other: ‘Get that will you?’ It doesn’t take much effort to add the word ‘please’ or to ask in a different way, such as: ‘Would you mind answering the door?’
This may sound a small point, and maybe an old-fashioned one, but when couples bellow demands at each other, it sounds abrasive and disrespectful. When aggression becomes a habit, it can seriously damage the romance in a relationship. Sarcasm is unpleasant and unproductive. It invariably leads to one partner feeling ‘put down’, which isn’t a good emotional state for a healthy relationship. The key thing here is that you should make sure you show each other the respect that you did when you first met.

Make an effort for each other
Lack of respect can also be shown in appearances. It’s very sad that couples often stop making an effort with how they look.
A small thing like changing work clothes for something brighter for dinner – and the woman putting on some make-up and the man having a shave – can transform a routine evening into more of an occasion.

Hopefully this will help and will make your love lives as enjoyable as possible