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“MALAWIANS NEED TO WORK TOGETHER”- As MMA chairman visits Living Waters Church

Charles Kachitsa at Living Waters Church Manchester

Charles Kachitsa at Living Waters Church Manchester

In what has been described as the meet and greet initiative, the Malawi Manchester Association has once again  continued its drive to meet and hear from Malawians living within the greater manchester area . This weekend , the association’s  chairman, Charles Kachitsa, together with some executive members  took time to visit members of the Living Waters Church in the city.

The Living Waters Church visit comes at the back of another visit to the Calvary Family Church (CFC) last week. In answering why they chose the churches Mr Kachitsa said ” This is just the start and we will visit as many places as possible where a good number of malawians meet up. we understand that these churchs dont only have malawians, but we are happy because selling malawi to people of other countries is also part of our objectives” He further highlighted that the main purpose of the visit is to get to know as many malawians as possible and push for more togetherness amongst Malawians within the region.

At both the Living Waters and Calvary church , the MMA chairman  shared the objectives of the association and called on all Malawians to get involved and work together with the association. He acknowledged that as an association it cannot not work independently without other stakeholders such as churches and other associations.

” We have an understanding that MMA is not a religious organisation-but  we very much understand that we cannot exclude churches or mosques if we want to meet and hear from Malawians” explained Kachitsa. Leadership from the two churches commended the MMA for starting this association and highlighted their willingness to work alongside the association in matters that involve malawians in the region.

Asked whats next for MMA, Kachitsa said the meet and greet initiative will continue and that the executive of the association will meet soon to cement plans for further activities  withing the christmas period. The other news is the fact that some members of the association will early next year run a half marathon to raise money for charity organistaions in Malawi.

INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATIONS-Perfect moment for Malawians in UK

6th July is just a few days away. That great moment when every year Malawians rejoice, celebrating the day when Malawi got independence from the British rule to become a sovereign state.This year, it will be 49 years since that independence was declared. While the climax of the day’s celebrations will be in Malawi where the president , Her excellency Joyce Banda will lead the nation, the changing demographic structure of Malawi will mean a good number will not be in Malawi for the event-as over the years Malawians have left the country to live abroad.

It is the diaspora effect that highlights the significance of the recent announcement by the Malawi Manchester Association(MMA) that there will be national celebrations for independence in UK. What is of interest is that the occasion will be a national event whereby all regional associations have agreed to have manchester as the official host. Malawians from all around the UK will travel to Manchester for the event.


Part of MMA Executive having their meeting

A celebration of Malawi independence in a foreign country is not only beneficial to Malawians in that they can remind themselves of home; but it is also a showing of pride in our country. It is a perfect showcase to other nationalities as such of how united as a nation we are. Event like this brings together malawians from different sectors which makes it a great networking event where relationshpis could be forged in business deals as well as sharing information on how best we can help develop Malawi as a country.

According to MMA the independence day celebrations will take place on saturday 6th july from 12pm-5pm where sports games, barbeque and children events will take place. All this will be at KING GEORGE PARK, CHAPMAN STREET GORTON MANCHESTER M18 8WQ. As if that is not enough-the fun will turn into a dinner dance where for £10 pounds you will be entertaiined to Malawian music by Malawian DJs as you eat and drink. There will be a raffle draw as well. The dinner dance will take place at; Sacred heart hall, Levenshulme road, Gorton Manchester M18 7WJ from 7pm till late.

For reasons highlighted, the Manchester event is a must attend for everyone who prides themselves in being Malawian and every other person of other nationalities who want to join in to celebrate with us. Cham the blogger will attend because this is the biggest event of the year for all Malawians in UK


The recent revealations about malawi’s former head of state, the late Bingu wa Mutharika and the amount of wealth that he left behind has shocked the majority of malawians. However, more shocked at this time is the party that he left behind, the democratic progressive party (DPP) and his young brother Peter mutharika who is hoping to be malawis next president in the forthcoming general elections.

According to malawi media, quoting sources from the affidavit by Yeremia Chihana of YMW property investment, the former head of state left an estate worthy mk61 billion at the time of his death in 2012 which he kept in foreign bank accounts. This is far from the mk154 millon he had when he got in power in 2004. This suggest that in his 8 year rule Bingu moved from a millionare to a multi billionare. Well the man was a  president after all one would say, However the worrying thing is, it is not accounted for how he got such a huge amount of money .


Mutharika brothers , the late Bingu and Peter

From a marketing perspective this blogger wants to take a look at how the recent issue will affect the late president young brother and his party DPP. Let it be known that Peter and the DPP are on the market at the moment. Although official campaigning hasn’t been launched, the party has been trying to sell itself to malawians, enticing them to vote for the party back in power in next years elections. This is a crucial time and any of these issues can massively derail them in their campaign

One American proffessor at University of California David Aaker in 1991 came up with a model that could help any brand (in this case Peter and DPP) work out how best they maximise their value in the face of competitors and customers as such. The brand equity model looks into a brand in four dimensions namely; its awareness, perceived quality, brand association and brand loyalty. It is no doubt that in terms of brand awareness DPP and Peter are well known. They were up until now one of the favourites to win the presidency in the next general election

Perceived Quality

The revelation of Bingus finances has put a mark on how people perceive DPP. As the party that was in power, these revelations would represent a party that did not put good control and monitoring measures government money which could have created loopholes from where the former president could have done his allegedly dodgy deals.
Suppose one would say, this issue need to be proved before Bingu can be called a thief-however one can never take away the fact that peoples confidence in DPP has been shaken. Their image has been hit by this revelations.
The many economic hardships Malawians faced during Bingu era and which the effects are still up to now, are painful enough to suggest that they will be forgiving to DPP and Peter if the allegations are to be true. Peter might pay the price for having a Mutharika name. If allegations will come true, not many Malawians will trust another mutharika with the government money.

Brand Association

There have always been concerns on the growing levels of corruption in Malawi. If Bingu really got the money through dubious means, the mutharika name will forever be associated with corruption. Any mention of the name will bring back memories of mk61 billion .

DPP may find itself at the crossroads as it cannot start disassociating itself from Bingu now. The party is built around Bingu values and legacy. They have already had their convention so can never run away from the mutharika name (in peter) representing them as the presidential candidate. All they can hope, is for all this to prove the money legitimately belonged to Bingu. However even if it proves the money was stolen, DPP will have to restategise and rescue their campaign. Saying sorry and rebranding the party as the “new dpp” are just some of the ways they can revert from this disaster.

Dpp is guaranteed that they will have some loyalty, based on malawi electoral profile where people can vote according to tribal lines. However it is the swing votes that wins you the presidency. If DPP and Peter cannot manage this properly they are bound to be punished for the sins committed by their father Bingu.

If I was a DPP strategist, I would accept that all is not well In regards to the party image. But I would have hope that not all is lost. Bingu hasnt been proved that he stole the money and a year is a long time in politics, a quick repositioning of the party is very much possible before the elections next year.


Just come across news that Facebook will on Tuesday role out their new Timeline design to each and every user on the social site,and this will be compulsory,whether the user wants or not. Timeline was launched worldwide last September and is designed to be an online scrapbook that shows “important life events” throughout users’ lives, in each year.Until now, the change to Timeline had been voluntary

I am not happy about this at all,as personally i am not a big fan of the new design and dont find it much attractive.The page is filled with too many unwanted stuff,that probably leaves one not  having much time to be going through them. Yes, not everyone is happy with change,but change should be convincing on why a facebook page should be showing things that one did or wrote in the past. I really find this unnecessary and can have alot of privacy flaws.

Having been on facebook for over 4 years now,and from my experience,the site never does much consultation when it comes to changes it makes and when it does most of them are compulsary. Its very difficult to critically blame them as joining of this social network is for free,meaning if you are annoyed with anything you can just leave. However ,from the business point of view,that may not be the right way to treat your customers.

Facebook makes money mainly through the many advertises that advertise on the network to gain advantages of its millions of users. This shows that there is direct correlation between facebook finances and the number of people on the network. Definately for this reason,they will be great need of elements of customer care so that the users might not get fed up and start deleting their accounts,which can make the network unattractive to advertisers. We do not need to go far to produce some empirical eveidence on this, as recent case studies of social site slike Myspace, Bebo, Hi5 might show you the natural death of a social networking site.

Hovering through the internet, i have compiled some reactions of different facebook users and what they think about the new changes

Writing on Sky news website,one user namely: Ewhite :wrote

“I hate that new look,,,why dont they leave it alone,there was nothing wrong with the old way,its more muddly now and puts me off using it to be honest!
If it aint broke dont fix it.
Or if the facebook team is reading this, give people the choice of either style

Another one namely,CAF  expressed his opinion “Funny, people moaning about people moaning!
The problem with facebook is it doesn’t give it’s users a choice! Being forced to make this change is nothing new with facebook… I can’t help but wonder if the owner of the site has connections with the government: Facebook makes it very easy to find out what an individual is upto… Now it just makes it even easier for prying eyes to see when & where the individual has done everything in their lives!”

In a poll conducted by Sophos and  published on , it has revealed that the reception of the new timeline has been negative . With over 4000 respondents being questioned  over 50% said they were not happy and worried about the new design.










Maybe its time facebook give people the option on whether they want to remain on the old style, rather that making it compulsary for everyone to switch to timeline.

SUCCESSFUL HARVARD DROPOUTS- failure not an option

It is without doubt that Harvard University ranks as one of the top universities in the world. With Most of its graduates ending up being successful people in their careers, one would wonder what could have happened to those who dropped out and didn’t manage to finish their studies to get the necessary qualifications. In this article I have compiled a few names of successful people who despite dropping out of Harvard ended up being very successful people in the world. I strongly believe that with an article like this, one would learn that one failure does not mean the end of the world, but actually an opportunity to pursue other things that could even be more rewarding. However, this is in no way an encouragement to young men and women to drop out of school thinking they will be successful as the percentages shows that you are better off staying in school.


Bill Gates

Bill dropped out of Harvard University in   1977 and co founded the computer making company Microsoft. At Harvard, Gates lived down the hall from Steve Ballmer, now Microsoft chief executive, who stayed on to graduate and joined Microsoft in 1980.

Microsoft went public in 1986 and made Bill Gates a self made billionaire. However, luckily enough, Harvard recognized the successful works of Bill and ended up giving him a honorary law degree in 2007


Mark Zuckerberg

The founder of the biggest social networking site Facebook is among the list of Harvard Drop outs. Born in 1984 to a Jewish-American family, Zuckerberg was raised north of New York City in the exclusive suburb Dobbs Ferry, Westchester County.

He enrolling at Harvard in 2002,however, Zuckerberg was reprimanded by the Harvard University Administrative Board, which accused him of hacking into a university database to obtain the student photos he used on the site, It is not clear what disciplinary action was eventually taken. He launched Facebook school-wide from his dorm room at Harvard in February 2004, Zuckerberg began devoting more and more time to his program, gradually spreading it to other schools. By that summer, Zuckerberg and his roommate Dustin Moskovitz had released Facebook to nearly 30 schools, and the website was growing too popular to be run part-time


The Hollywood film star entered Harvard in 1988 and took time off during the second semester to act in a made for TV movie “Rising son”. After failing to accrue enough credits to graduate, Damon had a big break in films with “Good will Hunting”, a film he co wrote in 1997. Since then Matt has gone on to establish himself as one of the top Hollywood actors with films like “Bourne identity” and many more.


Edwin H. Land

He graduated with honours from the Norwich Academy in Connecticut, before enrolling at Harvard in 1926. The son of a scrap metal yard owner, Land studied chemistry as a freshman and launched experiments on ways to polarize light.

He dropped out of Harvard to focus full-time on his research, which he conducted at the New York Public Library. In 1937, Land co-founded the Polaroid Corporation, which would introduce the first instant camera in 1947.

By the time of his death in 1991, Land, who was awarded an honorary doctorate degree in 1957 and had a street in Cambridge named after him, owned more than 500 patents, second only to Thomas Edison. Among his other inventions were instant X-rays, Polaroid sunglasses, and glare-reducing goggles for dogs.


While the Harvard list goes on, the point I am trying to make it that If staying longer to learn more is a wholesome trend, it is not necessarily the only path to real achievement. Fame and success can also come to the 60% of all who quit the campus where they started- other notable big names that dropped out school (not Harvard) but did wonders include Entrepreneur Richard Branson, car maker Henry Ford, Oil Billionaire J. Paul Getty, former USA President John F. Kennedy, who dropped out of Princeton in 1935 before he crashed through at Harvard in 1940 and computer maker Michael Dell.