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He is nowadays mostly known as the miracle footballer, and true to the words miracles are still happenning for Bolton Wandererers Footballer Fabrice Muamba who is now set to awarded a honorary doctorate degreee. Muamba, who had a cardiac arrest during a match, is to receive an honorary degree from Bolton university at a ceremony in July.

The midfielder aged 24, who continues to recover had his heart stopped for 78 minutes after he collapsed during an FA Cup tie in March, between his club and Tottenham hotspurs.

According to the University, Muamba will be awarded the doctorate to celebrate the medical staff who saved his life. On Muamba himself the university’s vice chancellor Prof George Holmes said”Fabrice is an exceptional young man in his own right but he will receive his honorary doctorate to celebrate and recognise the work of the teams who rushed to his aid,”

The footballer is said to be very humbled to accept it on behalf of all the amazing men and women who combined to save his  life, the paramedics and medical teams of Bolton Wanderers and Tottenham, ambulance personnel, and of course the consultants, doctors and nurses at the London Chest hospital.

Medical staff trying to revive Muamba after his cardiac arrest




Barely a few days after that humiliating champions league defeat to Barcelona, Manchester United players took courage to celebrate the winning of this year’s premiership by parading the trophy in the streets of Manchester city centre. I was privileged to be one of the spectators and it was nice to see the players on the top of an open top bus with their smiles and waving to their fans.

While many people agree to the fact that this would have been an even more spectacular parade had the team won the champions league, fans came over despite the fact that it was raining. What was so special about this parade was the celebration that Manchester United has pipped its northwest rivals Liverpool by winning the league for the record 19th time. Liverpool was the holder of the most league title winners until this season

Manchester as a city is seeing itself becoming the football capital of England. The city, which has two rival teams namely Manchester City and Manchester United has seen two streets parades in just two weeks. Manchester City paraded their FA Cup trophy just last week in which thousands of city fans stood in the streets to celebrate their first trophy win in 35 years.

Manchester City Players: FA CUP victory parade

Manchester United Players: 2011 Premiership Champions Parade

This season is over and expectations are on what will happen next year. Whether both Manchester teams will win any trophies is yet to be seen, but one thing I know is that, it is unlikely there will be another parade next year unless one of these teams wins the champions league.


As a football fan, I am a keen follower of the English Premier league. It might not be wrong to suggest that so far the league has not been at its best. Most teams have underperformed which is no surprise to see some experts in the football business debating on whether the quality of the English premiership this season has gone down. Anyway, this article has been written after a careful analysis in which using anecdotal evidence, it could be suggested that Manchester United could be this years winners of the league due to these 5 reasons.

Manchester United

Already top of the league

With recent loss to Chelsea and Liverpool, it is easy to suggest that all has gone bad for Manchester United. But the fact remains that they are still on top of the table and the title is for them to lose. United is a team that is capable of finishing the rest of the season unbeaten. It is obvious that the quality of the current united squad cannot compare to the team of 2 or 3 years ago, however they have managed to play as a team and surprised many people when they went 29 games unbeaten.

They have a top Manager

In Sir Alex Ferguson, the team has a world class manager who for years has proved that he is the best in the game. Having won the league 18 times, the manager knows all the tricks about winning the league. He is the master of mind games and he is also the greatest motivator who can get the best out of his players. Don’t get me wrong, the league has other world class managers but Ferguson is the guy who can be singled out as another factor that can help United win the league.

Pressure not on United

The English premiership this season has more teams who could be potential title winners. However, Manchester United has the advantage in that in as much as they have to win the title; they are not as desperate as the others. Arsenal is desperate to prove a point after winning no trophies for the past 6 years. Chelsea are the defending champions and will try their best to win the title again and Manchester City have spent a lot of money investing in Players and will be desperate to win something and see returns on their investments.

Experience Matters

When it comes to winning the league, experience plays a major role. Arsenal are playing good football and they are the nearest favourites to win the title, but one would wonder if their players are strong enough to withstand the psychological pressure that comes towards the last games of the season. This is the time when even bottom teams become ruthless in their attempt to avoid relegation. Chelsea has a squad with a vast amount of experience but their recent loss of forms did damage to their title hopes in that their fate lies in the hands of the other top contenders to drop points. On that note, it leaves united in a better position as their squad has players who have won the league before and their experience will be valuable during this crucial time.

Crucial last matches

The title is usually decided within the last five matches of each team. Of the top four contenders namely Chelsea, United, City and Arsenal, It seems on paper, United have a difficult line up as they will have to face both Arsenal and Chelsea in their last matches. However, the Chelsea match is at Old Trafford and United usually does well against Arsenal.  Chelsea haven’t got an easy ride as they will have to face Tottenham and Man United, while Arsenal have crucial games against Tottenham, United and the team they struggle with, Stoke. So if we can analyse the situation, the odds are on Manchester United to win the league this season.

FOR LIVERPOOL SAKE- Torres must stay

The big news in Football at the moment is that Liverpool top striker Fernando Torres, is on the verge of joining Chelsea in a deal worth £50 million. What has been so shocking to most Liverpool fans is that the player has even handed in a transfer request stating that he wants to leave the club. I have tried to look on the reasons why I feel Torres should remain at Liverpool and also worked out what i think could be the reasons why Torres has had enough of the Mersey side giants.

Liverpool is just a club that is recovering from the disastrous start to the season so far. It will be a big blow to lose a player of Torres calibre. Mind you Torres has been at Anfield for several years and probably he understands the club better, a new player is not a guarantee as some of them take time to settle which can be another setback to the club in their push to finish the season on a high. The club has just signed a new striker Suarez, but forgive me if I am wrong; Suarez is far from Torres’s quality.

Others may argue that Torres is not the same player he used to be-he is now injury prone and has been struggling with form for some time. In as much as that may be true but to underestimate how deadly he is as a striker may be a big mistake and who knows what he is going to do once injury woes are over.

It might not be a surprise that he has handed in a transfer request. To me Liverpool had become an environment so boring and de motivating. One could easily see that the players have not been happy for along time. After all Torres was signed by fellow Spaniard, manager Rafael Benitez and so far he has seen himself playing under Roy Hodgson and the newly installed manager Kenny Daglish.
Liverpool has been short of world star players. Of the whole squad only two stood out and that is Torres himself and Steven Gerard. One could imagine the pressure that is on these two players week in week out. For that reason, who wouldn’t be tempted to go to Chelsea which at least possesses some world class talent. A player like him would not be happy playing in Europa cup than in champions league, and to think that there is a great possibility that even for next season they might not be able to qualify for champions league.

However having said all this, I feel Liverpool need to do whatever they can do to manage to convince Torres to stay. He is the future of the club and probably the only one who can bring some smiles to their faces this season. And to be real, the guy still got years on his contract which runs out in 2013 and probably its time these football players need to start honouring their contracts


It’s all over in the newspapers; especially in UK that Wayne Rooney may be leaving Manchester united for another club (with growing speculation that his destination might be Manchester city). What has caused this is his refusal to discuss new contract terms and his relationship with United manager Sir Alex Ferguson which has reached the breaking point.

It is a well known fact that Ferguson does not like his players to be in the news for bad reasons. Rooney has hit the headlines recently over issues like being pictured smoking and urinating on the wall in the streets of Manchester and the big one where it was revealed that he slept with prostitutes. Ferguson did not publicly criticize the striker but he did his best to defend him from the media attacks. In order to give him time and also to recover from the ankle injury he sustained, Ferguson decided not to use him in some of Manchester United matches. This seems did not go down well with Rooney as he hit back saying the manager was lying and that he was not injured.
As a matter of hitting back at the club, Rooney terminated his contract talks of which he is demanding a £200,000 a week salary. I do not buy into this idea that no player wins against Alex Ferguson but I strongly agree to the fact that NO PLAYER IS BIGGER THAN THE CLUB. From the psychological point of view, one may suggest that Rooney is passing through that stage where he feels like the whole world is against him. Yes, the world may look like it is against him, as his pitch performance has dipped alarmingly over the past months including his non performance at the World Cup.

As a football fan myself, I feel Manchester United fans need not to worry about Rooney possible departure for a number of reasons
-Rooney thinks he is punishing United by refusing to sign the contract-he feels he is the most important player for United and need to be the highest earner. I do not doubt the fact that he has been a great player for the club, but United has done well in the past even before Rooney came to the club. Great players comes and goes
-Rooney is somehow overrated- he is exceptionally good but honestly speaking he is far from reaching the heights of players like Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi. So if United allowed Ronaldo to go, who is Rooney??After all United has a deadly young natural striker in Hernandez-not forgetting the influential role that Nani could play if Rooney is not around.