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Over the years we have seen people who started out as musicians (in this case rappers) and who in the long run proved to be people with strong business acumen.


Names like Jay Z, P Diddy shows artists who have transformed themselves into multi millionaire entrepreneurs through their investments. One other name worth the mention over the recent years is 50 Cent-he as well has proved that he is a business genius.

50 Cent has been in the news this week with one extraordinary move that got him some attention and publicity. While more people think of social networking sites like twitter and facebook  like play grounds, 50 cent has transformed the social sites especially twitter as his business platform. This week 50 cent unveiled his new business venture-which is a brand of headphones bearing his name.

His moment of magic came when he posted on his twitter profile (with about 3.8 followers) to urge them to buy stock in the marketing company H &H Imports (responsible for marketing 50 Cent range of headphones)- a  business he partly owns.

He tweeted “if you get in, technically I work for you. Big Money”. He added “stock went from 5 cent to 10 in one day. You can double your money right now. Just get what you can afford”.

What happened after was record breaking as 50 cent managed to make $10 million in just two days. 9.24 million shares were traded in those two days. H and H Imports even managed to raise there stock by 290%. The stock surge was a huge boost to the company that was operating at a loss with $3.3 million deficit and less than $200.000 in cash in the final quarter of 2010