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Lord Sugar VS Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan and Lord Sugar

To all those that are on the social networking site, Twitter, or those that are planning to join the network in the New Year, I have some good news for you. And the news is that I will be recommending to you two people that are worthy following on the site. These two are; business mogul and star of BBC’s “The Apprentice”Lord Alan Sugar and broadcaster Piers Morgan.

The two have been on each other’s neck for the past month with their endless feud which leaves their followers divided in opinion( with some happy with the banter and others so annoyed). It all started after the two men made a bet to find out who will have more followers by Christmas day (2010). It was agreed that, the one who was going to lose would have to pay £5000 pounds as a charity donation to Great Ormond’s Children hospital. Lord Sugar managed to beat Piers on this however, their online feud continues.

While some may just regard this as just any banter, i feel somehow the feud is working to the advantage of the two men. In business terms this could be described as some PR stunts that are getting the two guys some attention. This attention is coming at the right time, because Lord Sugar has just released his autobiography”what you see is what you get” which is a top selling book at the moment in UK. On the other hand Piers Morgan, is publicizing his new TV program which is due to start airing on CNN on January 17th called PiersTonight, Piers has replaced chat show legend Larry King. This is why am not afraid to say that the banter between the two could be the perfect case study to see how Twitter or any other social networking site could be used to generate publicity to any business.

So next time you are on Twitter, Remember to follow Lord Sugar(@Lord_Sugar) and Piers Morgan(@piersmorgan) and you can even enjoy the two of them square against easch other on the celebrity version of The apprentice in which Piers was fired by Lord Sugar in this video