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I have been an on and off fan of P.Diddy music, of course I struggled to start liking anything about him as back in the years I was more of a 2Pac fan than  Notorious Big (Big was signed to P Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment), and since the two camps were rivals, I had to choose a side.

However over the years, as my interest in business issues grew, I began realising how P.Diddy was a man of strong business acumen. The guy knows how to make money, either through his own music, signing other artists or his clothing range and there is no better guy who does his own publicity more than Mr Diddy himself. It is no surprise to hear that he has recently been named one of the largest minority-owned businesses in New York.

His business, Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Group, is the third largest minority-owned business in the state of NEW YORK according to Crain’s New York Business  As already said, P.Diddy is involved in a wide range of business activity, from music publishing, artist management and TV and film production, to apparel (Sean John) and restaurants.

And speaking to Allhiphop.com about this recognition, he was quoted as saying;

“It is an incredible honour to be included among the top three minority owned companies in New York City time and time again.  Hard work, determination and an unfettered desire to succeed helped me build this company to what it is today.”

According to Forbes list of top rappers who are big earners or last year, Diddy came second raking in $30 million.

One lesson I have leant from him, while he was speaking on a British TV show is that a person need to make use of any opportunities that comes their way. I remember quoting him say “when an opportunity comes knocking at your door-Go for it”