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Freedom Ice cream

I enjoy calling myself an entrepreneur. Although in the early stages of my entrepreneurship I am always following and reading what other successful business people have done or are doing to get some inspiration and a few vital lessons. This is why, thankfully enough, being an associate member of the Chartered institute of Marketing I found myself as part of the an audience with a young, inspiring and successful  entrepreneur Kirsty Henshaw , which took place at Harrington Lecture Theatre of the University Of Central Lancashire in Preston.

Some of you may wonder as to who is Kirsty Henshaw? Well, Kirsty is a young 25 year old British business woman, whose big break came after she appeared on the  BBC business program called The Dragons Den, where would be entrepreneurs pitch their business proposals in order to get investments from a panel of Multimillionaires. One thing that is obvious is that you need to have courage, substance and potential to convince these multimillionaire businessmen to invest in your business.

The amazing side of Kirsty story is that she is a single mother of one. While this can be a reason to put some people down, it actually was the reason why her business idea came up. Realising that her son was allergic to dairy and nuts products, Kirsty felt sorry that her son will not be like the other children who enjoy eating ice cream. She then started experimenting to see if she could come up with something which can be like an ice cream but without dairy and nut products. She was successful and her son was not left out anymore. However, Kirsty wanted to share the success story of her experiments with the world and since the Worthenshaws company was born.

Kirsty Henshaw

After doing her bit, she decided to go on the TV program to get some investments to expand her business. She was successful as she was able to secure a £65000 investment for a 30% stake from top business gurus Duncan Bannantyne and Peter Jones. She has so far rebranded her range of ice cream products to a more familiar and easy name called Freedom. Her business has grown massively over a period of a year to the point that her products are being sold in all top supermarkets in Britain such as Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s.

As Kirsty was speaking, I could see a young girl with a big vision, somebody who did not have to go to a prestigious business school but one who is able to use the basic knowledge she has for business to produce wonderful results. In giving a few tips to fellow business aspirants, she pointed out the power of networking and concluded that in meeting people, it is good to remember to be pleasant and approachable and always strive to in impression so that you should be memorable.

You can see more of Kirsty Henshaw business by visiting her website on  www.worthenshaws-freedom.co.uk