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INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATIONS-Perfect moment for Malawians in UK

6th July is just a few days away. That great moment when every year Malawians rejoice, celebrating the day when Malawi got independence from the British rule to become a sovereign state.This year, it will be 49 years since that independence was declared. While the climax of the day’s celebrations will be in Malawi where the president , Her excellency Joyce Banda will lead the nation, the changing demographic structure of Malawi will mean a good number will not be in Malawi for the event-as over the years Malawians have left the country to live abroad.

It is the diaspora effect that highlights the significance of the recent announcement by the Malawi Manchester Association(MMA) that there will be national celebrations for independence in UK. What is of interest is that the occasion will be a national event whereby all regional associations have agreed to have manchester as the official host. Malawians from all around the UK will travel to Manchester for the event.


Part of MMA Executive having their meeting

A celebration of Malawi independence in a foreign country is not only beneficial to Malawians in that they can remind themselves of home; but it is also a showing of pride in our country. It is a perfect showcase to other nationalities as such of how united as a nation we are. Event like this brings together malawians from different sectors which makes it a great networking event where relationshpis could be forged in business deals as well as sharing information on how best we can help develop Malawi as a country.

According to MMA the independence day celebrations will take place on saturday 6th july from 12pm-5pm where sports games, barbeque and children events will take place. All this will be at KING GEORGE PARK, CHAPMAN STREET GORTON MANCHESTER M18 8WQ. As if that is not enough-the fun will turn into a dinner dance where for £10 pounds you will be entertaiined to Malawian music by Malawian DJs as you eat and drink. There will be a raffle draw as well. The dinner dance will take place at; Sacred heart hall, Levenshulme road, Gorton Manchester M18 7WJ from 7pm till late.

For reasons highlighted, the Manchester event is a must attend for everyone who prides themselves in being Malawian and every other person of other nationalities who want to join in to celebrate with us. Cham the blogger will attend because this is the biggest event of the year for all Malawians in UK


The recent visit to Malawi by current president of Mozambique Armando Emilio Guebuza has not only helped rebuild the relationship between the two countries, but has also opened a door of opportunity for malawi in the area of foreign direct investors (FDI).


President Guebuza being welcomed by Malawi leader, Joyce banda

Over the years Malawi has been experiencing electricity power failures . So high has been the scale of these electricity black outs that having a full day without cuts was more of a miracle.  Initiatives were put in place in the past by the previous governments to tackle the problem but not much improved and if anything, the situation got worse.

The electricity problem has brought Malawi many problems. One area that has been a concern economically is that of foreign direct investment. The question has always been, “how is malawi going to attract foreign investors with these escalating electricity problems”?

There are many reasons that deter investors from investing in a country and poor infrastructures(of which electricity supply is part of) is one of them. The UNCTAD country profile report reveals that there has been low levels of FDI inflows to malawi in the recent years. It is no secret that constant power cuts will make it hard for businesses to manufacture and produce efficiently. Power cuts underscores inadequacy of the countrys infrastructure which inhibits growth by discouraging investment and impeding productivity improvement.

This is why it is an exciting news that president Guebuza came to visit malawi and has signed a power interconnection deal with malawi leader president Joyce Banda so that malawi can tap some electricity from mozambiques cahorabassa dam. The deal which will see malawi pay US $480.00 per month is a positive investment by the Banda’s government.

If Malawi can try to sort out its Infrasturctures and make the country attractive to investors, then surely that is a necessary step towards economic recovery, as more investors will mean more jobs for malawians and structural development as well.This is why Joyce Banda government need to be commended for striking this deal with Mozambique