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Job interviews are a daunting experience. There are always nerves as you never know what to expect and the pressure is on you to impress. The good news is that a number of good websites are available where you can have a look on a few tips and practice some of the usual questions that you may face on your interview. These sites are not only valuable to job seekers, but even employers who don’t know which questions to ask the prospective candidates.

We acknowledge some vital literature is available out there, but as a matter of sharing knowledge, we feel these websites may stand out


This site is full of tech interview questions from companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and a lot of others. You can navigate through the questions by using the dropdown for Companies, Job Titles, and Topics. Most of the answers are supplied by the community of readers and you can be assured of finding many questions and answers as the site was launched in 2005.


This site contains issues on the job market such as company reviews, salary comparisons, and interview tips. The site lists interview questions across the spectrum of job listings from sales to technology. The site is well organized with each company getting a page that starts with an overview and hives off into details like interview difficulty rating, questions asked, and other information like background checks, interview schedules, etc. It’s definitely is one of the better job information sites out there.


This website contains a well covered career advice section with a section devoted to interviewing. You can check out all the articles listed under The Tough Questions. You will be able to find hints on the potential questions that are to be asked at your job interview.


This site contains a lot of guides on the many issues in life. All you have to do is search for job interview tips and you will find resources that will help you sail through with ease. It’s the same with the roll of interview questions and best answers for each of them.

We know they could be even more websites out there. If you know any good ones, share the link on the comments section of this article