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Tragic Death: Claudia Aderotimi

This Week, I learnt with shock the sad news about the death of a 20 year old  British Nigerian girl, Claudia Aderotimi who died in  Philadelphia in America. What is so sad is the circumstances that led to her death, as she went to America to undergo a butt enhancement surgery that involved receiving butt injections. It is said that she was given this surgery by unqualified illegal doctors and she was later hospitalized with chest pains shortly after returning to the UK. While i can feel the pain that her family are going through, the whole saga has left me with some questions and on whether there is even need of pushing our luck in trying to be perfect (so called perfection).

Claudia was an upcoming R&B singer and model from London, who after seeing the trends of the industry was convinced that the easiest way for her to find fame was to go for her butt enhancement so that she could stand out by being one with a bigger bottom. The media have reported that she idolised Beyonce Knowles, who is famous not only for her music, but an attractive behind as well. The current queen of hip hop music, Nicki Minaj is also rumoured to have had surgeries to enhance her behind. Whether that is true or not, it is really a great concern to start thinking that one ought to have big butt to make it to the very top of the music scene. Empirical evidence is there that we have top female artists, making hit songs, and who do not rely on having big behind to be successful.

Probably, the main concern should be on the sexualisation of the whole music business, especially hip hop and Rap music. It’s very rare to see a music video without half naked women parading themselves in it. Some have even come to the conclusion that sex sells. Yes, I may agree that to some artists it has worked but to think that focusing on the sexual appearance can be a replacement to having actual music talent is a big mistake.

Another concern would be on the idolisation of the celebrity lifestyle. It’s sad that young boys and girls are thinking of living life of a celebrity when in true fact ,most of the celebrity lifestyle they see in pictures and read in magazines is not that real as most of them live fantasy lifestyles. Examples would be hip hop stars, who could be seen driving very expensive cars and wearing expensive clothes in their videos when in true fact they have just hired those things. Maybe if people can have limits to this obsession of celebrities, stop thinking that they are superhuman and understanding that not everything they do is right, then people could be able to sit and think before they make decisions that could potentially be dangerous to their lives.

It would also be better if people could learn to be content with what they have, and appreciate how they look. Don’t get me wrong, everybody wants to look beautiful, but life of finding faults about your body and wishing you could appear like somebody else is not helpful sometimes. In the past we have seen celebrities who have had surgeries to change the way they look and ended up looking worse than before. The other problem is that you never get satisfied and you keep going for more surgeries. It’s better to appreciate who you are and if it is your environment that is putting pressure on you to go for the surgeries, its better to find new friends who can be helpful and give you more confidence.

Its really sad that a young girl like Claudia has died  and this should be a lesson to all of us on the need to think carefully on some of the choices we make, surely getting satisfied with how we are is better.