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I have listened to Beyonces new single “Run the world” from her forthcoming album “4”. It is a good song but i honestly must admit that it wasn’t an instant hit to me. I had to listen to it a number of times before I got hooked to it. On the other front, I had thoughts that the sound didn’t really represent the Beyonce that I have known for years, but then, music is all about creativity and creativity is about exploring new things and new styles.

But the latest rumours that i have heard have made me wonder whether my doubts were also shared my many of the people who follow the singers music. It has been reported that Close advisors for the singer recently met to discuss the forthcoming album after many of them were not pleased with it. In a private screening of the album, it is said that there was lukewarm responses with a number of people openly telling Beyonces record label that they were disappointed with the work.

 According to online publication Mediatakeout several issues were discussed at the meeting and among others were the suggestions to re record the entire album so that it includes more R&B ballads which is the perfect identity for the singer and also the possibility to drop Jay Z and Roc Nation label as her managers. It is viewed that Beyonce would be better off going for a major label than Jay Z’s Roc Nation.

It will really be interesting to see if Beyonce would take a bold business decision to fire her husband as her manager. Personally I think she can for it was not long time ago when she fired her own dad as her manager



There is growing speculation that, days after singer Beyonce dropped her dad as her manager and joined Jay Z’s Roc Nation, R n B singer Rihanna, who for all this time has been part of the Roc Nation is planning to drop Jay Z as her manager. In a twist of things that has left gossipers suggesting that Rihanna is being jealousy and is not willing to fight Beyonce for attention in the Roc Nation family, the situation seems to be getting difficult for Jay Z.

One would wonder, why Rihanna should decide to dump Roc Nation- well, with Beyonce being part of the label it would mean the two divas will have to battle it out when it comes to endorsement deals and other businesses.  There is also concern from Rihanna side that there may be a conflict of interest for Jay Z, who will have to decide between his wife and Rihanna.

As this is not official yet, let’s wait and see how things will unfold