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By: Chalo Mvula

The Malawi Diaspora forum, which is the coming together of Malawians who are living is diaspora to  help tackle the many concerns about what is happening back home is proving to be giving Malawi President Bingu Mutharika some sleepless nights. The group which was formed in UK , has its coordinators in the name of renown Malawian journalists like Thom Chiumia and Edgar Chibaka, and many other political activists is growing in numbers and getting stronger as it gives the Malawian leader some ultimatums that are beneficial for the people of Malawi. Having done two big meetings so far in Leeds and Manchester, the forum objectives remain strategising a way forward for Malawi’s ailing economic crisis and never ending political disasters. They aim to restore democracy and good governance while at the same time contributing positively towards matters of national interests

Malawi Diaspora Forum : pics -Nyasa Times

My understanding of the Forum, myself as  a blogger and a voluntary member  of the movement is that, this is the coming together of genuinely concerned Malawians. It could have been easy for the members to ignore what is happening in Malawi at the moment as already they are not there- but it is the love  of their country that is making them to say, “enough is enough, we might not be in Malawi but there is no way we will let one person destroy and oppress our mother country”. MDF is the dark horse that is shaking Bingu’s regime. Firstly, it should be understood that diaspora members will  have much bigger voice as they will never be easily silenced by the physical forces of the Bingu regime. Bingu may silence Malawian based activists but he will not be able to steal the freedom of speech right from Malawians in diaspora. Secondly, Malawi being a country that relies much on foreign aid for its development, the diaspora forum is lobbying all the donors to have a look at Malawi’s poor governance. While the aim is not to punish Malawi, but the lobbying  is for the foreign governments to deal with Malawians leaders who are at the forefront  of this poor governance, to tighten the rope so that they should not get away with autocratic rule. This is why Bingu is threatened  at the moment . The Forum has cornered him and as the days are going, the forum is winning support of the many foreign governments that have realised and seen the poor governance and lack of respect for human rights that is happening in Malawi at the moment.

Recent development s by the forum include giving Bingu 91 Days to resign from the day of the last demonstrations on July 20. Rubber stamping this call at the meeting that was held in Manchester, it was agreed that Bingu has lost the mandate to be ruler of the country and that he must quickly go before things get worse.  The bad governance has been enough, the economic situation is in shambles, there is political intolerance and  disrespect of the rule of law. The push for this resignation will be reignited at the forum next meeting to take place in Nottingham on August 13th.

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